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Employment, Resumes, JOBs

Employment, Resumes, Jobs - Eire:

Craigslist Look under jobs in your locale -"Where do you see yourself?" - Jobs in Ireland. Irish Jobs - Jobs in Ireland - Ireland's online career centre -"Northern Ireland Jobs" -"Ireland's full and part-time jobs website for young people"

other Employment, Resumes, Jobs - India: -"India's No. 1 Job Site"
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other Employment, Resumes, Jobs - North America: (mostly)

Connect through Social Networking
1st Resume Store International -- "Resume preparation ... Find Jobs ... Post Jobs"
America's Job Bank -- "Serious Networking" -- "WORK CAN WORK" -- "You can go anywhere from here ... search newspapers & the web for jobs"
Common Agenda -"specializes in niches of the telecommunications industry"
Collegegrad's All-jobs & Intern-ship postings
Craigslist Look under jobs in your locale -- "Career Hub for Tech Insiders" -- "If you are a professional EE and are looking for new opportunities ..." -"a national index of engineering jobs & resources"
EngineerMax's Job search -"premier Job search site for engineers and high tech professionals" - Find Hourly Jobs
Find jobs easily at -- "Jobs-seekers ... Employers & Recruiters"
glassdoor -- "Find The Job That Fits Your Life"
Hireahero -- "Service Has its PRIVILEGES"
Hireveterans -- "Jobs for America's Best"
IEEE-USA's careers - "one search. all jobs." -- "A new Job that's rewarding"
JobBank USA -- "Jobs, Employment, Career, Job, Resume, Resumes, Job Search" -- " Search & Post Quality Global Jobs & resumes for FREE" -- "The world's most successful professionals choose Ladders when making their next big career move" -- "take control of your career ... find the employees you need"
NetTemps -"A world of jobs. Neatly packaged"
Recruiters Online Network, Inc's job search -- "One Search, Millions of Jobs" -"where technology professionals meet to find great jobs ..." etc.'s job_search -"LIFE 2.0 BEGINS HERE"
Vetjobs -"Jobs for Veterans" -"Helping you make smarter career decisions" -- "ZipRecruiter is the Smartest Way to Hire"
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other Employment, Resumes, Jobs - UK: (for the most part) -"Access to every single job on the internet!"
AllTheTop Bananas -"Your next job is here!"
ECM Selection Ltd. -"Europe's premier High-Tech Recruitment Consultancy"
Engineering Jobs 1 - A One Job Group Website
Experteer -"Make the right career move"
Graduate Jobs
Graduate Talent Pool - connecting graduates to businesses through internships
JobRapido -- "Job search engine {U.K.}"
JobSearch -- "Job Adverts, jobsearch, job, vacancies, recruitment {U.K. based}"
JustEngineers - engineering jobs for engineering people
LewisDay - Courier Services, Jobs
MilkRound - First for Graduate careers
MisterWhat "Find a company, firm, shop, telephone number, address, local maps and more!"
Multilingual Vacancies - Language Jobs
SAT UK Recruitment Guide -"comprehensive guide to online UK jobsites and recruitment agencies" -"Totally change your life"

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some Industry Associations, Consortiums, Forums, etc.:

1394 Trade
Association & showcase
American National Standards Institute (A.N.S.I.)
American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
ADSL Forum
ATM Forum & their online ATM Glossary; Approved Specs.
Computer Society of the IEEE
Digital Audio Visual Council (DAVIC)
Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum (ECTF)
EDA Industry Working Groups - one-stop standards resource on the World Wide Web!
Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDAC) Companies
Electronic Industries Association (EIA)
European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA)
Frame Relay Forum's Glossary & Online Documents.
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
Information Sciences Institute (ISI)'s publications; Internet Activities Board (IAB) & (IANA)
Infrared Data Association (IRDA)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF); Internet RFC Index; Ohio State's Internet RFCs
Internet Society (ISOC)
Institute of Elecectrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)'s store & standards IEEE
Institute for Packaging and Interconnecting Electronic Circuits (IPC)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)'s publications
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Motion Picture Experts Group(MPEG) list of companies
Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) compatible products
Optoelectronics Industry Development Assoc. (OIDA)
PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG)
Programmable Electronics Performance Corp. (PREP)
Signal Computing System Architechture (SCSA)
The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) & The Photonics Resource Center
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Organization
Verilog Internet Services. (
Versit "Creating open specifications in support of the convergence of communications and computing."
Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)
VHDL International Users' Forum (VIUF) & FREE Model Foundry
VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA); VMEbus products; mezzanine products
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some CAD vendors:

Electronic Design Automation (
EDA) Consortium Companies

Anasoft - "SuperSpice"
Atrenta - Spyglass.
Blue Pearl Software, Inc.
CadSoft - Eagle.
Denali Software, Inc.
FREE Model Foundry - "Open Source Simulation Models for System Level Verification"
Interactive CAD Systems
Mathworks - MATLAB
Mentor Graphics Corp.
SourceForge - Numerous downloadable Tools
Veecad - "Stripboard Editor"

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I.P. cores; SOCs :

(I.P. ~ Intellectual Property; SOC ~ Systems on Chip)

3DSP Corp.
CAST Inc.'s I.P. cores
NewLogic -"Innovations on Silicon"
Mosys products -"embedded SRAM memory"
ParthusCeva Inc. -"The IP Powerhouse"
Tensilica -"application-specific microprocessor solutions"
Virage Logic's products
Zaiq Technologies -"previously ASIC Alliance Corp."

Rev. E. :

Chipworks Inc.; Semiconductor Insights Inc.; Taeus

Patents:;; USPTO

1) US Published Patents search Type in inventor name(s) and get a list of applications pending.
(The first column is the publication number, copy it.)
2) US Patent Status Check: After getting in (type the challenge words) select the publication number button and paste the publication number you want.

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some programmable logic (FPGA & PLD) Manufacturers:

[also check these links:
Atmel; Triscend; Ant
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some (ASIC) Manufacturers & Foundries :

1st Silicon's foundry technology
Chip Express Corp.
Jazz Semiconductor -"a pure-play semiconductor wafer foundry"
Lightspeed Semiconductor Corp. -"the low cost, high performance production solution to FPGAs"
Orbit Semiconductor
Photronics -"reticles and photomasks"
Soitec -"Silicon on Insulator Technology"
tsmc -"Trust the Leader, Trust TSMC"
UMC -"a world-leading semiconductor foundry"
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some Memory Components

[also check these links:
Fujitsu; Hynix; LG Semicon; NEC; Motorola; Samsung; & Toshiba]
Alliance Semiconductor's products
Austin Semiconductor Inc. (ASI)'s hi-rel products Exceeding your expectations!
Enhanced Memory Systems' products -"the Memory Innovators"
G-Link Technology
GSI Technology Corp.'s products
IBM's Microelectronics division's memory & products.
Micron Technology's Semiconductor products
NexFlash Technology's products
RamBus' developer site
Sharp Microelectronics memory
SigmaRAM's crossreference & datasheets
Simtek Corp.'s - "nvSRAM"
SONY's Semiconductor memory products
Texas Instruments ( TI)'s semiconductors division memory products
Vanguard International Semiconductor Corp. (VIS)' products
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Aeroflex, Inc.
Apex Microtechnology, Inc. - "high power, high voltage & PWM amplifiers"
Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc.
Composite Modules
Data Delay Devices, Inc. - "delay line-related products"
Data Device
Engineered Components Co.
MaxStream Inc's products -"Wireless OEM modules & stand-alone radios"
M-Systems' products - "Flash Disk Pioneers"
Mini-Circuits' on-line catalog
White Microelectronics - "Memory for the next generation"
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Clocks, Oscillators

Bomar Crystal Co.'s products
C-Mac Frequency Products
Champion Technologies Inc.
Connor-Winfield products
Crystek Crystals Corp.
CTS Corp.'s frequency Controls & other products
Dove Electronic Components,Inc.
ECS Inc. International
Electrodynamics (EDC)
FiltroNetics' products
GMT Microelectronics Corp.'s products -"Great Mixed-Signal Technologies"
NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.
MF Electronics Corp. - "Manufacturer of Crystal Clock Oscillators"
Micronetics Components' products
Monitor Products Co.Inc.'s products
MTI Milliren Technologies, Inc.'s datasheets
M-Tron Industries, Inc.'s Crystal & Oscillator Specifications
Oak Frequency Control Group's product catalog index
Oscilent Corp.
Oscillatek Inc.
Princeton Electronic Systems. Inc. (PES)'s VCOs
Raltron Electronics Corp.
Siward Technology Co., Ltd
TEW North America
Valpey-Fisher Corp.
Vectron Labs. Inc. (VLI)'s (products) "the Crystal Oscillator Co."
Z-Communications Inc.'s products -"largest domestic supplier of voltage controlled oscillators"
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some Other Integrated Circuits (IC)s

Acorn Networks -"wire-speed traffic management solutions"
Agilent Technologies' Semiconductor products group - (was HP)
Advanced Hardware Architectures (AHA)'s products
Ajile Systems' products -"32 bit low-power networked single-chip Java microcontrolers"
AKM Semiconductor "advanced mixed signal solutions"
Allayer Technologies Corp.'s products ["all layers" of the ISO networking model.]
Alchemy Semiconductor, Inc.'s products -"Creating Next Generation Internet Edge Processors"
Allegro Microsystems' products - Motion, Actuation and Indication, Sensing ...
Acer Laboratories (ALI)'s products -"Innovation in Integration"
Alliance Semiconductor
Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC)'s products
Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD), products - "the underlying technology for the networked world"
American Microsystems Inc. ( AMI)'s products)
Anadigics' products
Analog Devices' products Devices
Anchor Chips Inc.'s Products & App Notes " - ICs that simplify interfacing to emerging bus standards"
Arizona Microtek Inc.'s standard products -"mixed signal, RF and ultra high speed ASICs"
Astute Networks
Athena Semiconductors, Inc.
Atmel's products
Averlogic's down-loadable documents & products - "multimedia and communications"

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Basis Communications' products -"Providing the foundations for networked communications"
Bay Microsystems -"Access to Long Haul"
Benchmarq products
BitBlitz Communications Inc.'s products -"world's leading innovator of high speed communications devices"
Bethel Tronix Inc. (BTI)'s products - "leading the world in RF ICs"
Broadcom - "Silicon Solutions for Broadband Communications"
Burr-Brown Corp.'s products.

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California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) - {NEC affilliate}
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)'s bluecore products -"Single Chip BluetoothTM Company"
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc.'s products
Centillium Communications, Inc.'s products -"a communication IC company"
Chrontel's Video & Clock Synthesizer products
Cimaron Communications' chips - "focused on providing SONET Technology solutions"
Cirrus Logic's - "Systems in Silicon" products "ICs for personal computers, consumer & industrial"
Clearwater Networks Inc.'s products -"Powering Advanced Internet Services"
Cognigine Corp.'s products -"A new paradigm for communications systems"
Conexant - "What's next in Communications Technologies" - was Rockwell Semiconductor, Brooktree
Cypress Semiconductor "a leading supplier of high-performance digital IC" products
Cyrix's products - "Making powerfull PCs affordable"

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Dallas Semiconductor's products & anonymous ftp archive
Digital's Semiconductor division
Divio -"Leading the way to a digital video future"

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Elantec's Analog I.C. Products's
Enable Semiconductor's products -"fabless ... mixed signal CMOS"
Engim Inc.'s products -"The future of seamlesss wireless communication"
Entridia Corp.'s products -"High Performance Routing Solutions For Optical Internetworking"
ESS Technology Inc.'s products
Exar Corp.'s products
EZchip Technologies' products -"fabless semiconductor Co. ... Network Processors"

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FAST-CHIP, Inc.'s products -"Enabling an Hourglass-Free Internet"
Fairchild Semiconductor's products - "Focusing on Logic-Memory-Discrete Power & Signal Technology"
Fujitsu's Microelectronics products
Fulcrum microsystems

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Hewlett Packard (HP)'s Electronic Component products
Hi/fn's products - "Compression and encryption technology"
Hitachi's semiconductor (America) Inc.'s products
Hittite Microwave Corp. -"MMIC design & manufacturing"
Hyperstone Electronics - " 32-bit RISC/DSP processors ... for the embedded systems market"
Hynix Semiconductor America Inc.'s literature & products - "formerly Hyundai Electronics"

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IBM's Microelectronics Division's products
I-Cube's products -"Advanced Switching Solutions in Silicon"
IP Semiconductors (IPS)'s products
Infineon Technologies' products - formerly Siemens Semiconductor
Information Storage Devices, Inc. (ISD)'s applications & products - "voice record & playback"
Integrated Circuit Systems Inc. (ICS) -"mixed-signal: clocks, transcievers, ASICs products
Integrated Circuit Technology (ICT)'s products
Integrated Device Technology ( IDT)
Integrated Silicon Solution ( ISSI)'s products
Integrated Technology Express, Inc. (ITE) "Computer, Commun. & Consumer IC solutions"
Integrated Telecom Technology, Inc. (IGT) Products & Documentation - "ATM & IP switching"
Integrated Telecom Express, Inc. (ITeX)'s products
Intel's developer home & product index.
Internetmachines Inc.'s - "is a fabless semiconductor company ..."
Intersil's products - "formerly Harris Semiconductor"
Impala Linear Corp.'s "RF & power management" products
iVivity -"The Intelligent Convergence of Storage and Networking"

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Jato Technologies. Inc.'s products - "network accelerator chips"

Kawasaki LSI USA, Inc (KLSI) 's products - ASIC & ASSP

Lara Networks
Lattice Semiconductor
Level One's products
LG Semicon Co., Ltd.'s products - "will be one of the world's top 5 companies by the year 2005"
Linear Technology Corp.
Linfinity Microelectronics Inc. products
LINX Technologies products -"wireless made simple"
Litton Solid State 's products

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Macronix International
Maker Communications, Inc.'s Product Descriptions
Malleable's products -"Voice over Packet processors"
Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
Maxim Integrated Products' Data Sheets & Application notes - "linear and mixed-signal products"
Medianix Semiconductor Inc.'s products & literature - "Listen to what we've been doing"
Micrel Semiconductor's products & Micrel-Synergy products
Micron Technology's Semiconductor products
MicroModule Systems' products
MicroSemi - "a network of semiconductor technology"
Microtune -"RF-Based Silicon and Systems Solutions"
MIPS Technology
Mitel Semiconductor
Mitsubishi Semiconductor Group's products & data-sheets
MMC Networks Inc.'s products -"leading provider of Network Processors"
Mosel Vitelic's products
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS)
Mixed Signal Integration (MSI)
Multilink Technology Corp.'s products
Music Semiconductor's product directory - summary
MX-Com's products - "Mixed Signal ICs & modules"

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National Semiconductor's products
Nazomi Communucations' products
NEC's semiconductor products
Netlogic Microsystems, Inc. -"CAMs"
NKK's LSI Division's products
NXP Semiconductors

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Oak Technology
On Semiconductor -"formerly a division of Motorolla"
Opti Inc.'s products - "solutions for the PC and consumer electronics markets"
Oxford Semiconductor

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Pericom Semiconductor's products; Databook Table of Contents
Philips Semiconductors
PIxelFusion's products -"data processing silicon and IP"
Plx Technology Inc.'s products -"World Leader in PCI"
PMC-Sierra's products
PoweredSine, Inc. - "Intelligent Telecom Power"
PMD Motion Control
Power Integrations Inc.'s product information -"innovation in power conversion"
PowerSmart -"highest accuracy smart battery ICs available"

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Quality Semiconductor's products "Adv. Semi. Devs. for Networking, Commun. & Computers"
Quantum Effect Design, Inc. (QED) 's products - "uP ... High-end Embedded Systems"
Qualcomm Inc.'s ASIC products
Quicksilver Technology

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Rabbit Semiconductor's products -"uP & devel tools for embedded control & internet connectivity" Radiata's products -"wireless engine"
Rancho Technology, Inc.'s SCSI ASICs
Rendition Inc.'s 3D Graphics engine products
Rise Technology, Inc.'s products - "x86 solutions"
Rohm Co. Ltd's products & Rohm Electronics' products

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S3 Inc.'s products - "sight, sound, speed ... Savage 3D, just don't get hurt"
Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.'s techdocs & datasheets - "connect everyday things in internet time"
Seeq Technology - "Highly Integrated Networking Connectivity Solutions ..."
Seiko-Epson's electronic devices
Semtech's products
Sharp Microelectronics
Skyworks Inc.
SiberCore Technologies products -"Silicon Solutions for Cyberspace"
SiByte news -"... microprocessor solutions to the Internet Infrastructure ..."
Silicon Engineering Inc. (SEI) - "the leader in IC design innovation"
Silicon Systems (SSI) products "a Texas Instruments Co. - The edge in Mass Storage ICs."
Signal Processing Technologies (SPT) Inc.'s products
Silicon Access Networks' products -"enabling the futute of the internet"
Silicon Laboratories' products - "Mixed Signal Innovation"
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation -"Think Integration, Think"
Silicon Wave - "RF-systems-on-chip"
Sipex Corp.'s products "Leading edge analog and mixed mode semiconductors"
SiTera Inc.'s products - "Intelligent Packet Processing Chipset Solutions"
Solidum Systems Corp.'s products
SONY semiconductors
Space Electronics' catalog - " rad-hard IC's"
Standard Microystems Corp. (SMSC)'s catalog, app-notes & data-sheets
STMicroelectronics (was SGS-Thomson)
Starium - "We safeguard your communications"
Supertex Inc.'s products & databook
Switch ON Networks' products - "wirespeed packet inspection and classification technology"
Symbios Logic's Semiconductor products & On-Line literature request form

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TDK Semiconductor Corp.
TelCom Semiconductor
Temic Semiconductor products
Teralogic Inc.'s products -"digital television, the Internet and digital cameras. "
Texas Instruments ( TI)'s semiconductors
Tilera Corp. Multicore, Simply Delivered!
Toshiba's product list -- "Committed to people, Committed to the future"
Transmeta -"View their HTML to see the notoriously rumored secret message"
Transwitch's products - "Silicon Solutions Integrating Communications Worldwide"
Trident Microsystems Inc.'s products -"Digital Media for the Masses"
Triquint Semiconductor products - "Your source for Gallium Arsenide ICs in high speed apps."
Triscend products -"Configurable System-on-Chip for Communications"
TriTech Microelectronics - "innovative audio solutions for PC and Consumer Electronics"
Tsqware's products
Tundra Semiconductor's product Info - "Leader in VMEbus and PCI bus bridging solutions"

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Unitrode Corp.'s products
United Monolithic Semiconductor (UMS) ="millimetre wave GaAs"
UTMC Microelectronic Systems' products

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Vadem - "single chip and embedded solutions"
V3 Semiconductor's products - "The Embedded Intelligence Company"
Velio Communications' products -"Velocity I/O + switch fabric"
Via Technologies' products -"We connect"
Universal Vinculum Inc.
Virata's chips - "Enabling Personal Broadband Solutions"
Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation's products

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Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC)'s chips - "based on 65C02 ... cores, modules & chips"
Winbond Inc. products
WSI Inc.'s "PSD programmable MCU periheral" products

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XaQti's products - "Network on a chip"
Xicor "nonvolatile semiconductor devices that can be reprogrammed repeatedly"
Xstream Logic -"breakthrough technologies to solve ... bottleneck ... Internet"

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Zilog's products
Zoran Corp.'s products - "Compression Solutions ... JPEG, MPEG, Audio and PCI"
Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden GmbH (ZMD) products
ZettaCom Inc.'s products -"Powering Tomorrow's Network"

3Dfx's products - "the ultimate entertainment platform"
8x8, Inc.'s products "The leader in Video Comm."

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some Discrete Semiconductor Components

[also check these links:
Motorola; & Temic]
Alpha Industries products
Central Semiconductor Corp.'s products
General Semiconductor's products - "We Power the Products that Empower Your Life"
InterFET's JFETs -"Junction Field Effect Transistor Technology"
International Rectifier
IXYS Corp.'s products - "Delivering Power Excellence"
Linear Integrated Systems -"full service manufacturer of speciality linear semiconductors"
MagePower Semiconductor Corp.'s MOSFET product summary.
Microsemi Corp.'s products
NTE Electronics Inc.'s semiconductors
Westcode Semiconductors Inc.'s products
Zetex Semiconductors' Technical Information
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American Technical Ceramics (
ATC) Corp.
AVX Corp.
Ceramite Corp. -"Ceramic Capacitors and PTC Thermistors".
Charles Industries, Ltd.'s components
Cornell-Dubilier Corp.
Custom Electronics, Inc.'s products
Johanson Dielectrics
Maxwell Technologies' PowerCache Ultracapacitor products
Republic Electronics Corp.'s products
Revox RIFA Electrolytics AB,'s product catalogue
Voltronics' on-line catalog -"The World Leader in the Design of Trimmer Capacitors"
Wima's products "Capacitors for Electronic Equipment"
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Coilcraft Inc.
API Delevan
Flat Transformer Technology
Hammond Mfg. Co. Inc.
J.W.Miller Magnetics' products
Pico Electronics Inc.
Prem Magnetics Inc.'s inductors
Pulse Engineering Inc.'s products -"Telecom, Power Switchmode & LAN apps."
RCD Components Inc.'s products -"resistors-coils-delay lines-inductors-surface mount"
SMD Inductors Inc.'s products
Steward Inc.
Talema Electronic, Inc.'s catalog
Taiyo Yuden (USA) Inc.'s products
Token China Precision Power Components
Toko America Inc.'s catalog'98
Wilco Corp.'s on-line catalog -"30 standard inductor types ... order FREE samples online"
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Bourns Electronics Inc.'s datasheets
ETI Systems Inc. - "linear and rotary potentiometers"
K & M Electronics, Inc.'s component products -"Powerful Visions. Small Devices."
KOA Speer Inc.'s products & application notes.
NTE Electronics Inc.'s resistors
Ohmite Inc.'s products - "The Power behind Resistors"
Precision Resistive Products (PRP) Inc.'s products
RF Power Components, Inc.'s products
RCD Components Inc.'s products -"resistors-coils-delay lines-inductors-surface mount"
Spectrol Electronics' products
State of the Art, Inc.'s products
Thin Film Technology (TFT) Inc.'s products
Token China Precision Power Components
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Fuses & Protection

Bel's Magnetics, Fuse, Delay Line & Hybrid products
Littlefuse's products -- "the leading producer of electronic, automotive and power fuses."
Schurter's CPD products
Wickmann USA's products -"manufacturer of fuses, fuse holders and other circuit protection solutions"
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some Switches

Carlingswitch: switches & circuit breakers
C&K Components, Inc.'s products & catalog
EAO Switch Corp.
Elma Electronic Inc.'s components & switches
E-Switch's catalog
Grayhill Inc.'s products
Nexus Inc. -"... audio connectors & pushbutton switches"
NKK Switches
Schurter, Inc.'s catalog
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MaxStream Inc's OEM wireless products & accessories
Rangestar Wireless's products -"The Invisible Antenna"
WaveLan products
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some Connector Components

Adam Tech(Adams Technologies Inc.) product index
Alpha Products, Inc.
Amphenol's products
Assmann Electronics'
BEAU Interconnect
Berg Electronics Inc.'s products
Cinch's products
Comm Con
Components Corp. -"printed circuit wireform interconnect products"
Crane Connectors
Dynawave Inc. -"RF, microwave & wireless"
Elcon Products International Co.'s products - "Leaders in Current thinking"
Electronic Precision Technology (EPT) Inc.
ERNI International's Connection products
Fischer Connectors
Framatome Connectors USA Inc. (FCI) - "FCI connects the world"
Fujipoly America Corp.'s Zebra Elastomeric Electronic Connectors
Harting, Inc of N. America
Harwin Inc.'s literature & products
Hirose Electric, U.S.A.
Hypertronics Corp.
Intercon Systems Inc.'s standard products
(Japan Aviation Electronincs Industries) JAE Electronics' products
Johnson Components' products: RF connectors & Electronic Hardware.
J.S.T. Corp.
Kycon, Inc.'s products
Lemo USA Inc.
Leoco's products
Major League Electronics -"don't be caught off base!"
3M's products
Mill-Max Mfg. Corp.
Molex's products
Nanonics Corp.'s catalog - "Nanominiature Connector Technology"
Nexus Inc. -"... audio connectors & pushbutton switches"
Oupiin America
Phoenix Contact
RIA Electronic, Inc.'s literature request form
Robinson Nugent
Sealcon LLC
Spectrum Control Inc.
Tekcon American Corp.
Tyco Electronics' products
Litton's - Winchester Electronics' products
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Prototyping - Programming Adapters

Adapter Technologies Inc. (
ATI)'s products
Advanced Interconnections Corp.
Andon Electronics Corp.
Aries Electronics, Inc.
Emulation Solutions data-sheets "An Embedded Systems Solutions Co."
Emulation Technology
E-Z-Hook -"Electronic Test Accessories"
Ironwood Electronics' products -"High Performance Sockets & Adapters ..."
Logical Systems Corp.
Methode Electronics Inc.
Probe Master -"source for probes and accessories"
Yamaichi Electronics
Touch Point

Prototyping Hand Tools

Stanley Supply & Services
Touch Point

Test & Measuring Equipment

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd. -"Your Pulse Generator, Current Pulser, Laser Diode Driver, and Amplifier Source!"
BK Precision
Capovani Brothers Inc. - Used Equipment for Science & Industry.
Electrodata, Inc.
Fluke Corp.
Guide Technology Inc. GuideTech
Ixia "Leader in converged IP testing"
Keithley Instruments
NetAcquire Corp's products - "Distributed Systems for Test, Measurement & Comm."
Omega Engineering Inc. - "The Worldwide Leader in Process Measurement and Control"
Simpson Electric
Teradyne Inc.
tpi Test Products International - Handheld ...
Veeco -"Solutions for a nanoscale world"
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Adaptec, Arduino, ASUS,
Bagotronix, BeagleBoard, Busboard, Digelent,
Hummingbird Kit, Odroid, Ototo, OpenEEG, I-bus,
Libelium, MinnowdBoard, Prolog, RaspberryPi, Rabbit,
SmartM, Supermicro, Teensy, Udoo,
Vector, Versalogic, Videology,
WandBoard, WarpProject, ZedBoard
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AER Energy Resources, Inc.'s products "Zinc-Air Batteries for a mobile world"
B.B.Battery Co. Ltd's catalog -"Sealed Lead acid & nickel metal hydride batteries"
Eveready's Energizer
Hawker Energy Products, Inc. "pure-lead batteries"
Memory Protection Devices, Inc.'s battery-holders
Moli Energy products "Powering a portable world"
Rayovac products
Tadiran Lithium Batteries batteries "Batteries that work harder, longer"
Ultralife Batteries, Inc.'s product data "The Lithium Experts"
Valence Technology, Inc. products "batteries based on lithium and polymer technologies"
Yuasa-Exide, Inc. "industrial lead-acid battery products"
Touch Point

L.E.D.s,Optoelectronics, Indicators & Displays

American Bright
Optoelectronics Corp. - "Your LED Solution and Perfect Supplier"
Cree Research Inc.'s products - electronic devices made from Silicon Carbide (SiC) ... blue, green LEDs
Chicago Miniature Lamp Inc.
Data Display Products (DDP)
Dialight's products
Lamp Technology Inc.'s products -"Our ideas keep getting brighter"
LiteOn Inc.'s Optoelectronics Division
Sloan Corp.'s products - "The Leaders in Lighting Applications"
Sorenson Lighted Controls, Inc.


E Ink Corp.
Touch Point

Fiber Optics, Optoelectronics (also check for F.O. connectors)

ADC's Fiber Optic products
Cielo Communications' products -"interconnecting the world at gigabit speeds"
Edmund Industrial Optics
E-Tek Dynamics products
FOCI -"fiber optic passive components"
Global Opticom -"Fiber Optic Passive Components"
ITF Optical Technologies' products "All-FiberTM Solutions for the All-Optical Era"
JDS Uniphase
LightConnect Inc.'s products - "Dynamic MEMS components for Optical Networks"
LightLogic Inc.'s products - "Integrating Optics & High-Speed Electronics"
Lightwave Microsystems Inc.'s products -"A Quantum Leap in Optical Circuit Integration"
Luminent 's products -"singlemode fiber optic components"
Methode Electronics Inc.'s components & fiber-optics
Micro Photonix Integration (MPI) - "Seriously Dealing with Light in the Sun-Scorched Desert"
Molecular Optoelectronics Corp.'s products
Multiplex Inc.'s products
OptronX Inc.'s news & products
QT Optoelectronics Inc.'s products
Semiconductor Laser International Corp. (SLI) 's products
Sumitomo Electric's products
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Airmar Technology Corp. "the leader in ultrasonic transducer technology"
AMETEK -"U.S. Gauge PMT products" & datasheets
American Electronic Components, Inc.'s sensors
ATMOS Corp. -"Building a Sensor Into Your Design Just Got A Whole Lot Easier"
Baumer electric "Leading in Precision Sensing"
BEI Sensors & Systems Co.'s products "A Leader in the Optical Encoder Market"
Crossbow's products - "connects the world through intelligent sensors"
Cyntec products catalogue
ENDEVCO's products
Geo Space Corp.
Gems Sensors Inc.
Gill Sensors - "Liquid level sensors, Fuel Level Sensors"
JP Technologies -"the widest variety of strain gages"
Knowles Acoustics' techsupport
Integrated Micromachines Inc.'s products -"Pressure sensorsa & relays"
Kistler's products
Macro Sensors
Magnetic Moments, LLC
Micron Instruments
Minco Products, Inc.
MicroStrain "World's smallest LVDT!"
NVE Corp.'s sensors
Oceana Sensor Technologies' accellerometer products -"Sensors for Smart Products"
OmniVision Technologies -"Camera on a chip"
Schaevitz Sensors
Selco Products Co.'s thermostat catalog
SpaceAge Control, Inc. -"Miniature, All-Environment Position Transducers"
Transducer Techniques Corp. "Load Cells, Force/Torque Sensors"
US Digital Corp.'s Glossary & products -"Optical Encoders & Inclinometers ..."
Wilcoxon Research's products & literature "Manufacturer of Piezoelectric Vibration Sensors"
Warren G-V - Airflow Sensors & Thermostats
Watlow Gordon's products - "Heaters, Sensors, Controls
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Aromat's Electronic Components Division.
Coto Technology's on-line catalog
CP Clare
Deltrol Controls
Fujitsu Takamisawa America Inc.'s relays
Solid State Optronics, Inc.'s products
Teledyne Relays' catalogs
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Motors, Actuators

Bicron Electronics
Bodine Electric Company's products & literature "fractional hp motors, gearmotors, and motion controls"
California Linear Devices, Inc.'s products; datasheets -"high force advanced linear motors"
Cleveland Motion Controls (CMC)'s products
Compumotor's catalog & manuals
Globe Motors' products
Haydon Switch & Instrument's motors
Intelligent Motion Sysytems
Kollmorgen Corp.'s products
Ledex Inc.'s Actuation Products
Magnetek's product literature
Micro Mo Electronics' tutorials, manuals & products "The Leader in Coreless motor technology"
Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.
Pittman - "High performance DC motors for over 60 years"
Smoovy by RMB Miniature Bearings, Inc.'s products
Yaohua's Electrical & Machinery products
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some Mechanical components

W.M. Berg, Inc. catalog request form
Bokers Inc.
Century Spring Co.
Fenner Drives products
Keystone Electronics Corp.'s catalog
Panduit Electrical Group
Nordex Inc.
Quality Bearings & Components (QBC)
Quality Transmission Components QTC
Rush Gears Inc.'s products
Smalley Steel Ring Co.'s catalog
Stock Drive Products' catalogs
Thomson Industries' Catalog Index "First in Linear Motion & Control Tech."
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Bud Industries, Inc.'s products
Chassis-Plans "Custom & Off the Shelf Products"
Equipto Inc. "New dimensions in space utilization"
Hammond Manufacturing, Inc.'s products
Hoffman's products
Lansing Instrument Corp.'s TechData
LMB Heeger Inc.'s products
Pac Tec
Polycase's products - "plastic enclosures for electronics"
Serpac Electronic Enclosures
Tracewell Systems' products
Zero Corp.'s online catalogs
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Cooling & Thermal Management

Aavid Thermal Technologies, Inc.'s datasheets
Comair Rotron
International Electronic Research Corp. (IERC)
Novel Concepts Inc. Heat Sinks, Spreaders, Pipes, Peltier Coolers & Thermal Interface Materials
Melcor Corp.
Thermalloy Inc.'s catalog & literature -"Best thermal management solutions"
Wakefield Engineering, Inc.'s products
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What's Cool? ... or merely diversionary

ASIC-CAFE, CelestialSeasonings, Dairy, Coffee-Science, dietitian ICO, Jolt, Pub, Starbucks, webcam
Connect: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Naymz, Plaxo, Ning, Ryze, Xing, ICABA, Friendster
Comics & Humor: ASME, Dilbert
Diversions: Craigslist; ; CERCLIS; EMS; nucleartourist; NRA; NYC; Mine-E; M$; OCM; T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. .
Economic Tools: BigCharts, Cefa, FXHistory, quantumOL, Stockcharts
Economy: Fool, google, inv-faq, inv-o, NCEO, OECD, PCquote, Smart Money, TheStreet, Yahoo
Equity Brokers: AmeriTrade; ETrade; Fidelity; Schwab; Scottrade; TDWaterhouse Thinkorswim
Exchanges (USA): AMEX; Chicago; CME; HSX; NASDAQ; NYSE; OTCBB; virtual;
Exchanges (World): ASX; BW; FTSE; RTS; TSE;
Flicks: AOL; Efilm; joost; movieTZ; Netflix; Panther; IMDb; stupid; youtube.
NASA: Cool, Eguide, EM-lib, JPL, portal, STSCI
News: /.; 1st, AIC, Aljazeera, alternet, AAS, Bb, CNA, D.G., Dilbert, Drudge, engadget, EWTN, Huff, myway, R.H., Reuters, S.D., S.V., Wired.
Newspapers: C A, C-N, GN, GT, Granma, LAT, NYT, MCALL, OC, Philly, SMH, SZ, SunTimes, TN, TG, Times, DW, WZ
Maps: Google, Mapquest,, Rand McNally, USGS, Historical Maps, TopoZone,
Math: 3Blue1Brown, Calculus Page, Cut The Knot, Junkyard, Khan Academy, MathIsFun, OnlineMath4all, Purplemath, Topics
Reservations: cheapseats, expedia, lowfares, orbitz, StudentUniverse, travelocity
Space: Exoplanet, Mars, planetary, SpaceN, SETI, SpaceW, SpaceWeather
Tracking Packages: Airborne Express; DHL; Express Mail; Fed-Ex; UPS
Trading: Amazon; Buy; Ebay; Froogle; gameTZ; half; GunsAmerica; Overstock; Priceline; SmartBargains; TraderFirst
Travel: AAA, Fodors, Frommers, lonelyplanet, metrocommute,
U.S. Gov.: Census CIA & IC; FCC; House & Lib. of C; IRS; NIST; NSA; MMWR; Senate; USPS; Whitehouse
Weather: AWC, quakes, SEC-NOAA,,, Wunderground, Yahoo
Words & Reference: Conversions, Dictionary, Free, Urban, Thesaurus, Whitepages, Wikipedia, Yellowpages
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some Electronics Distributors (online catalogs & searches)

Allied Electronics
Black Box
Electronix Express' Catalog
Electronic Expediters, Inc. -"Worlds leading source of Electronic Components" -"Surface Mount Electronic Component Engineering Kits"
Gerber Electronics
Keystone Electronics
Milgray Electronics
Newark Electronics
Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts
Relay Specialties -"A world of components"
Richardson Electronics' online catalog -"Engineered Solutions"
testmart - "Buy, Lease or Rent Test & Meas. Equip."
West Florida Components - Electronic Parts and Supplies
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some Hobby Distributors (online catalogs);

Coridium Networked Control Systems
C-Stamp Micro
Digital DIY Open source electronics
Edmund Scientific's Optics & Scientifics online catalog
Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
QwertyGadgets - Blackberry Accessories
Parts Express
Radio Astronomy supplies
Ramsey E.
Smart Projects
SparkFun Electronics
Universal Vinculum Inc.
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Educatonal & Hobby Stuff

AKNM Circuit-Magic -"... design, simulate and learn about electrical circuits"
Controls Weekly - FREE Online Controls Training
ElectriciansParadise - dedicated to the spread of electrical knowledge and expertise.
Electro.Patent.Invent - Electricity, Electronics, Electromagnetism and Electrochemistry .
Integrated Publishing's Naval Electrical Engineering Series
Robots: 6.270; lets make robots; ; Robotwars
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EE Schools

Online Training:

College of Engineering Online at UC-Boulder, Electrical-Computer Degrees
Google for Education
MIT OpenCourseWare
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Online Libraries: Baen, Google Mind Mined, Online-Lit, steal; Wiki
Publishers: Addison Wesley; Macmillan; McGraw Hill; O'Reilly; Prentice-Hall; SciTech; Wiley
Purchase: abebooks; Alibris; Amazon; Barnes & Noble; BookPool; NerdBooks; Powells
Services: BookFinder; BooksPrice; directtextbook
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Online Magazines

C'T - Magazin fur Computer Technik - "You're in DeepChip Now"
design news -"America's Best-Read Design Engineering Magazine"
Electronic Component Magazine (ECN)
Edge Foundation, Inc
EDN Magazine
EE Product News -"The designer's guide to products on te web"
Electronic Engineering Times
Electronic Products -"The Engineer's Magazine of Product Technology"
Embedded Systems Programming
GlobalSpec - "Searchable Engineering Catalogs on the Net"
IC MASTER online
NASA's Tech Briefs
Network Computing Online
Microwaves & RF on-line magazine
Printed Circuit Design Magazine
RF-Globalnet on-line.
Sensors, "The Journal of Applied Sensing Technology;"
TradePub FREE & on-line magazines
Wired on-line magazine
Wireless System Design on-line magazine
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Other Lists, Resources, Directories or Indices

CAD Portal
Chipcenter: The Web's First Definitive Electronics Resource
ChipDocs -"the online guide to semiconductors"
Controls Weekly Review
Electronic Design & Technology Network (EDTN)
Electronic Engineering Master (EEM)
Electronic Industry Telephone Directory (EITD)
Electronics Manufacturers Directory
The Electronics Source Book ONLINE -"Serving the industry since 1983"
Electronics Web -"Information resource for the Electronic Engineering industry"
icademic - "LIFE SCIENCES - ENGINEERING Online Resources"
Monachos Mechanical Engineering - calculators & engineering resources -"Engineering Resources Online ... Electrical & Mechanical design"
netComponents - Global Electronic Components Database
TechOnLine -"free interactive educational courses and comprehensive technical information"
The Semiconductor Subway
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
Webopedia - "dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology"
Webstart's Computer & Communications Webpage & listing of Companies ( Thank's Chris! )
Vlib -"The WWW Virtual Library"
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Software & Computers

bugzilla; CVS; Firefox; Freeware; freshmeat; FSF; GNU; Jumbo; Nerdworld; NoNags; NonGNU; mozilla; RefDesk; Shareware; TUCOWS
OS: Debian; FreeBSD; Linux; MACOSX; Microsoft; Solaris;
Manufacturers: Apple; Dell; HP
Distributors: Comp USA; CDW; Egghead
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Science/ Engineering/ Electrical Engineering/ Web_Directories/


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