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Antique Clock Gallery - Central N.J. Clock Repair
Beverages: CelestialSeasonings, Dairy, ICO, Starbucks
Biol: Chimera, Codons, Neuroanatomy Online, Neuroscience Online, MedXp, openwetware, PGP, plosone
Chem-Phys: AAFC, chemspider, Org.Chem., feynman, Phys, Periodic Table, Wired Chemist.
Connect: LinkedIn, Facebook, NextDoor, Twitter, MySpace, Ryze, Xing
Comics & Humor: Comics, Dilbert, xkcd
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Diversions: Holiday Insights; NRA;
Expository: Coursera, Flash-Cards, KhanA, Ted,
Flicks: Efilm; joost; Netflix; IMDb; stupid; youtube
SiriusXM - channels. player
Xfinity - login, stream, support


gscYMCA, H-YMCA, H-Pool,
- Dumbbell: Full Body 8 best Ult.F.B.
- Kettle Bell: workout
- Medicine_ball: Situps, Workout, Gluteal Bridge, Front Back & Side & Best
- Garage Gym Reviews' playlists & videos

Category: Technical_analysis


Finance & Options:

Options_strategies & Greeks
Call_option & Put_option
Position: Long & Short
Options_spreads: Calendar_spread, Vertical_spread & Diagonal_spread
Iron_butterfly, Iron_condor


Fool, google, HumbleDollar, inv-faq, inv-o, NCEO, OECD, Smart Money, TheStreet, Yahoo;
Economy Videos: Bloomberg, Bogleheads, Buffett Online, Chicken Genius Singapore, ColdFusion,
- Fool, FREENVESTING, GoogleFinance,
- Let's Talk Money!, NASDAQ, NYSE,
- MeetKevin, MgStnly, Morningstar, OECD,
- SeekingAlpha, Shadowtrader01, TheStreet, YahooFinance;, YMYW;
Online_brokerages: WeBull's wiki, learn & videos;
- Morgan Stanley's wiki, ETrade: wiki, knowledge, playlists & videos;
- Fidelity's wiki, learning & videos;
- Schwab's wiki, videos, TD AmeriTrade: wiki webcasts, Thinkorswim: wiki, TLC, videos;
- Vanguard's wiki advisors, videos;
Exchanges: - (World): ASX; BW; FTSE; TSE
- (Americas) : AMEX; Chicago; HSX; NASDAQ; NYSE; OTCBB; virtual;

Gardening: & Tools:

American Lawnmower's Great-States parts-finder FAQ
A.M. Leonard's tools & supplies
Farm & Gardentools
Fiskars' Gardentools & videos
Mackissic, Mighty Mac Chipper-Shredder, Canns-Bilco, CentralJerseyNurseries;
JamesonTools' resources, product-categories tree-care-tools Saw-blade videos
Scythes & Snaths : Seymour Midwest's catalogs, Snaths & Scythes wiki

Tree, Trees & Seed, List_of_seed_packet_companies, Seeds:

EEhot's Mycology

Clemson's Home & Garden Information Center:
- DEER Resistant Plants for the Landscape –Annuals & Perennials
U Maryland's Extension programs Home & Garden Information Center:
- Climate Resilient Gardening
- Food Gardening
- Insects NPSNJ

Native Plant Society of New Jersey's
- where-to-buy-natives
- plant-lists
Rutgers' NJ Agricultural Experiment Station:
- Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance
- Mail Order Vegetable Seed Sources for the New Jersey Gardener

#heirloomseeds videos

Baker Creek's growing-guide recipes, channels, playlists & videos;
BellemeadeCoop's videos;
BHG's gardening: plant-dictionary, playlists & videos
Brown Envelope Seeds' shop
Burgess Seed & Plant Co.
Burpee's vegetables garden-guide playlists & videos;
ChilePlants' pepper-seeds, tomato-seeds & GrowHow;
CN-seeds' shop
CrosmanSeeds' history, Seed-Rack & Citystead videos' Crossman Seed video;
Eden Brothers' Gardening 101 plant-finder playlists & videos;
EpicGardening channels, playlists & videos;
Ferry Morse's collections seeds playlists & videos;
National Gardening Association's plants
Gurneys' blog, channels, playlists & videos;
Islas garden's Garden-Seed, fruit-seed, collections
JerseyYards' Jersey-friendly-plants, resources
Johnny seeds library growing-center channels, playlists & videos;
KitazawaSeed's Asian, Mixes, microgreens, Vegetables & Hiro's KitazawaSeed video;
NativNurseries' channels, playlists, videos & catalog: PawPaws
Native Plant Society of NJ's Native Plant: Lists
MusserForests' Native Plants & videos
Park-seeds' know-before-you-grow, channels, playlists & videos;
RebelGardens videos
TrueLeafMarket's wiki, info & guides, playlists & videos
USDA's Topics: Plants Database
Well-Sweep Herb Farm's native-plants
William Woys Weaver Epicure With Hoe's
- Roughwood Center for Heritage Seedways

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- (Local & State):
- Boston, NYC, Phila..

Social Sevices

New Jersey's - NJ 211;
- Community & Wellness: Assistance;
- NJ Human Services;
- DCA: DHCR - Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP);
Hillsborough-nj's - Social Services:
- C.A.N. – Community Assistance Network (Food Pantry),
- Seniors: free-bus-trips,
-- Hold-Harmless & EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION Forms. Constitution

- (U.S.) Federal: Constitution;
-- BOP; CDC - MMWR; Census;
-- CIA: wiki, careers,
--- World-Factbook's countries, references, Maps
- EPA Superfund;
- FBI; FCC; House: LOC; IRS;
- NASA: Tech Briefs, JPL, NIST; NSA;
- Senate; State; USPS; Whitehouse

Rosetta Stone sign-in

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Language: RosettaStone

News: /.; 1st, AIC, Aljazeera, alternet, AAS, Bb, CNA, D.G., Dilbert, Drudge, engadget, EWTN, Huff, myway, R.H., Reuters, S.D., S.V., Wired.
Newspapers: Beacon, Patch, C A, C-N, GT, Granma, LAT, NYT, MCALL, OC, Philly, SMH, SZ, SunTimes, TN, TG, Times, DW, WZ
Maps: Google, Mapquest,, Rand McNally, USGS, Historical Maps, TopoZone,
Math: 3Blue1Brown, Calculus Page, Cut The Knot, Junkyard, Khan Academy, Math And Science, MathIsFun, OnlineMath4all, Purplemath, Topics TheoreticalMinimum
Math Videos: 3Blue1Brown, Numberphile, MathAntics, Math And Science, Math is Fun, Mathologer, PatrickJMT, Reducible, SimpleMath, Socratica, StandUpMaths, TecMath, TheoreticalMinimum
Parties: BTP, Constitution, Communist, ConservativeNJ, Democrats, GOP, GreenPNJ, NJGOP, NJdems, NJLibertarian, ReformNJ, SocialiastNJ
Parts: Maytag's services Manuals: MVWC465HW2 Clutch repair video Power wash mode video Deep Water Wash and Rinse video
- MaytagReplacementParts: Model-MVWC465HW2-Maytag-Washing-Machine-Parts
Patents:; USPTO
IEEE Python: py-docs; NumPy - Doc learn MatPlotLib - Doc Tutorials SciPy - Docs Getting Started Pip - Doc User Guide Py4E - books, (html3)
RaspBerryPi : Pi-doc; Debian - doc; Git - doc, books & Pro-Git book; Wolfram - Language & Mathematica; Raspbian - doc;
Recipes: Betty, Campbell, ChooseVeg, epicurious, Fat-f, Fork & Hose,
Kraft, Perdue, Shinkamagretmus, Vegetable Scallop, VegWeb, Wiki
Remodeling: Paul M. Noll Power's Solar PSE&G
Reservations: expedia, onetravel, orbitz, StudentUniverse, travelocity

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Space: Cradle, Exoplanet, Mars, PioneerAstro,
- planetary, SETI, SpaceN, SpaceW, SpaceWeather STSCI

Tracking Packages: Airborne Express; DHL; Express Mail; Fed-Ex; UPS
Trading: Amazon; Craigslist; Ebay; Froogle; Overstock;
Transportation: Amtrak; Ata; Greyhound; LIRR;; N.J. Transit; MTA; SEPTA; tube Travel: AAA, Fodors, Frommers, lonelyplanet Priceline;
Trails: Discover Central NJ; Duke Farms;
- NJ's DEP: Parks & Forests:
- Somerset County Parks' Parks & Facilities:
-- Sourland Mountian Preserve, brochure (pdf) Map (pdf)

TV: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 25, 29, 31, 41, 47, 48, 52, 57, 68, 69,
- AntennaWeb, TitanTV, AFNeurope, Bloomberg, CNBC, Comet, COZI, C-span, DW,
- France24, Freeview-AU, HandI, NASATV, MSNBC, PeacockTV, Reason, SkyNews, Viki, WORLD Channel
Videos: ACE, BBC, CNN,, DW, Frontline, LateLate, Nature, NBR, NewsHour,
- NHK, NOVA, NSN, PBS, Rumble, RT, VideoLectures, TouTube, Wweek,
Vehicles: American Tire Service(Goodyear), Edmunds, Ford Fullerton, HELM, KBB, The Motor Works
Pickup Please
Veterans VA, HealtheVet Directory of Veteran's Service Organizations,
- American Legion's wiki, Find-a-Service-Officer, playlists, videos & find a post;
- VVA's wiki, Service-Officers, PickupPlease, playlists, videos, find a chapter: NJSC: 452;
- VFW's wiki, Service Officers, playlists, videos, find a post: 2290, 8371;
-VirtualWall Vietnam Veterans Memorial
-Where do we go from Here
-Medals of America
Weather: AWC, ONJSC Quakes,,, 08844, Wunderground, Yahoo
Webcams: 511nj, EarthCam, SkylineWebCams, WeatherBug,

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SCLS Online Libraries: Baen, CIA, ForgottenBooks, FreeBookCentre;
- Goethe Institut-USA, Gutenberg, LOC, NLM
- Mind Mined, Online-Lit, UPENN, Wiki
Purchase: abebooks; Alibris; Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Powells
Services: BookFinder; BooksPrice; directtextbook Google
Words & Reference: Dictionary, Encyclo UK, Free, Urban,
- Thesaurus, Whitepages, Wikipedia, Yellowpages
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