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See the Lady

compass The best way to see the Statue of Liberty from Hillsborough is to put on your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, staff, compass, camera and binoculars, and go hiking on the trail at the Sourland Mountian Preserve. The entrance to the Park is on East Mountian Road {West of Amwell Road}. There is a clearing that covers a pipeline that intersects the trail where you can see the Statue of Liberty and the New York Skyline on a clear day.

Parking is available within the Preserve.


The Fireworks and earlier festivities celebrating Independence Day are expected to be held
at the Auten Road School on June 28 2008 (before 4 July)!

Festivities commence at 16:00 hours, but the Fireworks might not start until after sunset.
Hillsborough is where you go to see the Independence Day Fireworks
if you just can't wait for the fourth of July.

The Auten Road School is on Auten Road (da).
(It's located North of the Triangle Road and South of the Valley Road intersections with Auten Road).

Just forget about parking near there!
But you might be able to park at the Middle School or the High School
as there should be shuttle buses to Auten Road if you feel you can't walk that far.

Random Student Drug Testing in Hillsborough N.J.

On 25 Feb 2008 the Hillsborough School Board approved its Random Drug Testing Policy by a vote of 5 to 3.
Voting for the proposal were board members Neil Hudes, David Lin, David Kanaby, Sterphen Paget and Wofgang Schneider.

What' sChOOL ?

The Hillsborough High School and it's Sport's Schedule!
The unofficial HHS 1980's alumni webpage and guestbook.

The Hillsborough Middle School!

What is Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is an all night, Drug and Alcohol Free, celebration for the entire Senior Class of Hillsborough High School after the June graduation ceremonies. Project Graduation has been an effort by the Senior Class, their parents and the Community for more than a decade. Project Graduation receives NO funding from Hillsborough Township, the Board of Education or Somerset County. This event is funded entirely by donations and activities the Seniors organize and participate in during their final year at Hillsborough High School.

Another way to Support Hillsborough Project Graduation is by joining the Resolution Run!

Resolution Run 5K - January 1

Hillsborough is the place to be on New Year's Day!
Be at the Hillsboroough Township Municipal Building
for the 5k run and walk.

The race is walker freindly, you can race, run or walk the 3.1 mile course.
Full results available from Compuscore.com.
Detailed results for the 5k Runs: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002.

Visit the SPONSORSHIP PAGE to find out how to become a Sponsor.

Run FAQ's

Some proceeds have been donated to Hillsborough's Project Graduation.

One dollar of each year 2002 registration was donated to
the New York Police & Fire Widow's & Children's Benefit Fund.
(September 11th Disaster Relief)

Have Fun at Doyle's Unami Farm!

If you haven't visited Doyle's Unami Farm you are missing a wonderful experience. They have the Biggest and Best Corn Maze yet! See if you can find your way out without making a wrong turn, or see how long it takes you to explore every path through the amazing maize maze to find hidden treasures. Afterwards, you might even get to pet or feed some of their farm animals, or go on an old-fashioned hayride!

They have activities for families, groups and people of all ages.

Doyle's Unami Farm is at 771 Mill Lane (off the old part of Amwell Road).

If you can't find it, call (908) 369 3187 for directions, or just to ask about Unami!

John Basilone Veteran's Memorial bridge and Parade

An alternate bridge was constructed alongside the Nevius Street Bridge to Lyman Street and now carries the heavier traffic.
The bridge was named the John Basilone Veteran's Memorial bridge and was dedicated in February 2004 marking the sixtieth anniversary of John Basilone's death at Iwo Jima. The annual John Basilone Parade is held in Raritan to Honor John Basilone.


One of Hillsborough's best kept secrets is the Nevius Street Bridge, you know, that picturesque one lane bridge over the Raritan River that separates Hillsborough from the town of Raritan.
Constructed in 1886, this Wrought Iron bridge is truly a historic site! In 1992 the Nevius Street Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places, #92001526, and is also known as the "Raritan Bridge".
It was manufactured by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton Ohio.

A lot of people have crossed over this bridge in their cars, never noticing the adjacent parking lot, or that the bridge has a pedestrian walkway with a magnificent view!
(Some people even like to go down and look at the bridge from the underside)
Its fun to watch anglers fishing below in the river (Bait is sold near the bridge).
... But please don't do this while you are driving, and don't bother the deer!

Now for the FUN part:
For some reason (it might have started one Easter) people seem to show up at the bridge on the third Sunday of every month (when its a beautiful day or even an interesting weather day) at 3:00 PM to read poetry.
So don't blame me if you grab your favorite book of poems, and put it in your car so you will be ready, or better yet, bicycle over to the bridge on that day and have a great time!

Please be careful what you say or read however, because those Raritan Politicians passed an ordinance against certian kinds of language on their side of the bridge. (Free speech still prevails on the Hillsborough side).

In 1999, Hurricane Floyd damaged the Nevius Street Bridge's pedestrian walkway, (Yes, the water got that high!) but was repaired and returned to service for several years.

On March 25 2004, the Nevius Street Bridge was closed to traffic for repairs but we look forward to its reopening soon for pedestrian traffic.

Poetry Festival - Poetry Heaven

It is only fitting that with Hillsborough's long devotion to Free Speech and its love of poetry that the great lawn at Hillsborough's Duke Farms was the site of the world's best Poetry Festival.

The Geraldine R Dodge Foundation sponsored Poetry Festival was held in Hillsborough from September 30 through October 3, 2004

For inspiration, lovers of beauty might also consider an independent tour of Duke Farms, or a reading of poetry at and a view of the Raritan at the magnificent Nevius Street Bridge.


Congratulations to Shaun O'Hara for winning in Super Bowl XLII!

Congratulations to Shawn Mayer and Ricky Proehl,
to both for having graduated from Hillsborough High School and
to both for making it into Super Bowl XXXVIII!

Night time Activities

Want to do something at night? Would you like to be more familiar with your community?
Don't want to be a helpless bystander in an emergency?
Would you like people to want you around?

The HILLSBOROUGH Rescue Squad has room for new members!
If you are 16 years of age or older, please call Sgt. Sean Morney
at the Hillsborough Rescue Squad (908)369-8625 Ext. 379 for an application to join now!

Rescue Squad membership looks great on your College, Job or Military Service application!
You can call the same telephone number just for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency First Aid training.

Help your Town, benefit your family and yourself by being prepared instead of sorry!

Youth Attend Hillsborough Township Committee's Televised Meetings!

The Townships' Municipal Committee, the governing board of Hillsborough, N.J. holds open meetings in Township's Municipal Building at the corner of Beekman Lane and Amwell Road.
The alternate Tuesday meetings now start at 7:00 PM.

The meetings are not just for registered Hillsborough NJ Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats, the Mayor of Hillsborough Township NJ, foreign dignitaries from the nearby U.N. (in NYC), that wish to see and learn from American Municipal Government in action, or tourists flocking to Hillsborough for the Baseball Batting Cages at Golfland, Shooting Ranges and Golf Courses. The meetings are also for local Hillsboro residents of any age who may attend and put in their own "two cents" worth of opinions during the public discussion intervals. Everyone should attend at least one meeting, just to see what it is like, and to "keep an eye" on those local politicians. Put on a good show for the local cable channel! ... Maybee it's your only chance to be in the limelight"

right button Hillsboro's Curfew Ordinance 98-28 repealed!

Memorial Day Parade

Hillsborough's Memorial Day Parade is annually held on the Saturday morning before the last Monday of May.
The reviewing stand is at the Municipal Building.


Every year Hillsborough has staged a one week midsummer fair benefitting local Fire Companies
This year Hillsborough's Rotary Club is helping out. Take Route 206 through Hillsborough and keep your eyes open to see if you can find it.

Expect rides, games of skill and chance; music and Fun for all!

Mark your calendar and be sure to be in Hillsborough Township New Jersey.

September 11 response

Following the World Trade Center Disaster, HILLSBOROUGH Rescue Squad crews and ambulances went to NYC and provided EMS care and transport mutual aid.
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Skater's Paradise

Ann van Middlesworth Park in Hillsborough NJ features a pond where you can go fishing, grillls and picnic tables for cookouts, and basketball courts {BYOB - Bring Your Own Basketball} ... but what I've noticed is that it's a regular hangout for skaters, who enjoy the wide expanses of asphalt without traffic or parked cars! Please be sure to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment to protect that fragile head of yours and those delicate knee, wrist and elbow joints. ... You only get one set, and they sometimes require more skill than is available to repair.

To get to Ann van Middlesworth Park, take Pleasant view Road South from Amwell Road. (Pleasant View Road is West of Route 206). Wave to Chet or say "Hi Chet" as you go by Pleasant View Road, if you see him.

Hillsborough's Airport

Take a ride or flying lessons from Hillsborough's Central New Jersey Airport in a small airplane. This used to be known as " Kupper Airport" Central New Jersey Airport is located in the Nort-East corner of the Township. Its' entrance is off East Millstone River Road near Manville.

When you are there, why not thank our airport friends for having allowed the helicopters to use the airport during the Hurricane Floyd relief effort.

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Hillsborough Olympian inspires Hurricanes!

On April 14 2002, Hillsborough's four time Olympian Joetta Clark-Diggs spoke to the Hillsborough Hurricanes at the High School about their goals and future.

Joetta told the team to remember the word SWIM as an acronym for achieving goals.

Do you know what SWIM stands for?

Sacrifice, Willing to Wait, Integrity and Motivation. Joetta gave examples of how when you set a goal for yourself, you might have to sacrifice even your Prom attendance to achieve it, that you shouldn't expect instant gratification, and that you must measure your progress accurately.

I suppose it wasn't just what she said, but it was the way she said it, and interacted that was so inspiring. Quality counts, and we are fortunate to have her in Hillsborough!

Hillsborough YMCA Opens!

The Somerset Valley YMCA opened its Hillsborough, New Jersey branch at 591 Amwell Road on 7 October 1996.

Program Lists are available online. For information on membership call (908) 369-0490.

While there, knock out some push ups in the lobby between the benches and the snack machines,
so you can see the BYRNE brick up close!

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Central New Jersey, USA Region

SCLS EMS and Rescue Hot Links from Central New Jersey
Hillsborough NJ Online
InfoGrove: "An informational guide to Central New Jersy"
Hillsborough Rescue Squad
QandANJ New Jersey Library Network's QandANJ
Somerset County Public Library
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What Exit?

Just because it isn't near the Turnpike or the Parkway doesn't mean
Hillsborough Township in Somerset County New Jersey is a backwater place!
Who would want to live in a place where you need to pay a toll to leave?

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