Shinkamagretmus BYRNE

Grind Ham (I just guess how much) 1-lb.
Boil 1-lb. elbow macaroni -
Cannister of grated cheese

Grease with butter a Round baking dish -
Put in a layer of cooked macaroni -
Then pour in some grated cheese -
Then put in a layer of ground boiled Ham -
Do this till the dish is almost full -

Then in a separate dish
Beat 4 eggs - and add 1 pint or so of milk.
Pour this over the macaroni, cheese, ham
Combination - dot with butter &
Bake 375 degrees F. for about 1 hour

I do not know the exact measurements to use -
Maybe a little less than a full pound of macaroni -
Lots of luck
--- M.A.B. ~1976